Preventative Resources and Educational Info

Mason is a member of the International Center for Academic Integrity, which hosts regional and international conferences on an ongoing basis.  For more information, visit their site.

Faculty members looking for preventative measures can incorporate the Honor Code Module created by the Office of Academic Integrity into their teaching.  We highly encourage faculty to use Blackboard to have students complete this module as it will directly notify via the gradebook completion of the course.  If you would like to receive the package with instructions on how to embed it in your Blackboard (which will send results directly to the grade center under the student's name), email us at  If you have a student with a documented disability who needs a version of the module for their reader, you may also contact us and we can provide the student access to a text based version of the training program.  We have also created a Plagiarism module which can also be imported into Blackboard.

Online Study Site Challenges

Over the last 6 years, we've seen an increase in situations where students are using websites that are advertised as 24/7 homework help.  Usually they provide an ability for students to share resources and ask questions of tutors. The challenge is that students tend to use the site in ways that result in honor code cases.  Such use has included:

  1. Uploading copies of tests, quizzes, exams, and papers
  2. Sending out requests for help with answering questions and using those answers in classes
  3. Sending out requests for help with creating codes and error checking functions in coding classes and turning those answers in as original work

With the increase of the number of sites, we cannot police students and prevent them from using these resources.  The goal is to ensure students understand appropriate use of said resources.  To share information they personally create (study guides for example) is one thing.  To upload copyright protected information and intellectual property created by their professors is not.  We have created a sample syllabus statement that can be used to provide direction for students.  It can be found here.

Syllabus Language Suggestions

Additionally, this document is a list of sites that were found on the web, some of which have been used by Mason students, so faculty can be aware of sources for unethical behavior.  If you have questions or need to consult with our staff about a situation, feel free to contact us at 703-993-6209 or via email at

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Faculty Strategies to Prevent Academic Misconduct