Suggested Sylalbus Language

At the start of each semester the Office of the Provost and the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning sends out a message detailing baseline information that must be included on each course syllabus.  Included in this message is a statement around academic integrity.  If your program, department, or college has standards around integrity related to specific courses, it is important to include this info in the syllabus as well. A sample statement is as follows.  Please feel free to use and/or adapt as needed:

Academic Integrity: It is expected that students adhere to the George Mason University Honor Code as it relates to integrity regarding coursework and grades.  The Honor Code reads as follows:”To promote a stronger sense of mutual responsibility, respect, trust, and fairness among all members of the George Mason University community and with the desire for greater academic and personal achievement, we, the student members of the University Community have set forth this: Student members of the George Mason University community pledge not to cheat, plagiarize, steal and/or lie in matters related to academic work.”  More information about the Honor Code, including definitions of cheating, lying, and plagiarism, can be found at the Office of Academic Integrity website at