What is Cheating?

Cheating encompasses the unauthorized use of, access to, attempts to benefit from, or provision of academic work in an attempt to misrepresent a student’s actual efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, submitting another individual’s work as one’s own, soliciting or accessing solutions/assignments from online websites, unauthorized collaboration, or failing to adhere to requirements (verbal and written) established by the professor of the course. Certain departments may include integrity requirements that go above and beyond what is listed here, including a prohibition on sharing work, and the requirement to keep one’s own work secure. Subcategories of cheating include:

  • Providing, using, or attempting to benefit from unauthorized academic material and/or assistance: This includes but is not limited to the posting or enabling of posting of homework assignments and/or exams or solutions on websites or allowing someone to complete material in your name.
  • Duplicate use of a student’s own work, without prior authorization from the instructor
  • Submission of another individual’s work
  • Violation of college, departmental, program, or course requirements regarding integrity: This includes syllabus violations as well as violations of instructions related to integrity that appear in the course.