This area provides access to referral forms, sanction recommendation forms, and information on how to complete forms.

Instructions on Completing Referral Forms

Individuals who wish to refer a student for a violation of the Honor code must submit the following documents:

  • Completed Academic Integrity Referral Form
  • Copy of the Course Syllabus
  • Completed Professor Sanction Recommendation Form
  • All materials relevant to the case that they deem necessary to show an alleged violation took place.  These materials can include but are not limited to:
    • Safe Assign reports
    • Copies of documents the student is alleged to have used in their submission
    • Electronic monitoring reports that detect coding similarities (these must be submitted in PDF or HTML format)

If it appears a document referenced in your referral form is missing, our staff will contact you to ask if you plan to include it, but will not ask with regard to information you fail to reference or provide.  Students are entitled access to any materials that are being considered in their case.  Please note a failure to include all required material may result in your case being dismissed against the student.

Faculty Instructions on Submitting a Referral

Instructions on How to Submit Documentation for Expedited Reviews: Referred Students

If your case is referred for an expedited review (be that a full review or a sanctions only review), you are asked to submit a written statement via email no later than 7 calendar days after you have your prehearing meeting.  Written statements should be in MS Word or PDF format.  We cannot process statements in any other format.  Additionally, they must be sent via email as attachements.  Our office cannot access documents via OneNote so we ask that you do not use document sharing services to send your statement and supporting documents.  You can compress the files into a zip document.

Written witness statements should be sent directly from the witness to our office email account at  Additional documentation can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Screenshots
  • Photographs
  • Audio files where relevant

If you find that you cannot send your information via email because the files are too large, you can schedule a time to drop off your information by bringing it in on a flash drive.  A staff member will transfer the files to our server and return your flash drive during that meeting.

If you fail to submit a statement, the committee will proceed to review your case with the information they have at hand.


Instructions on How to Submit An Appeal Form

Students who are found in violation during a review process are eligible to appeal the finding.  Students who accept responsibility for the incident and the sanction during a pre-hearing are not eligible to appeal the finding.

All appeals must be accompanied by an Appeal Submission form.  All sections of the form must be completed, including the grounds for appeal.  Please note that your supporting documentation should address the ground for appeal you are selecting.  Appeal submission forms must be received electronically via email to our office at  Appeals not received at this email by the indicated deadline will not be processed or considered.  Appeals with incomplete submission forms will not be processed or considered.  The exception is in a case where the student needs to bring in the material on a flash drive due to the size of the documents submitted in the appeal.

Appeal Submission Instructions