Referral Submission Portal

All information in this referral is subject to FERPA and should not be shared with anyone who does not have an educational need to know.  For more info about this, please go to this link.




Individuals who wish to refer a student for a violation of the Honor code must submit the following documents:

  • Completed referral form (this is embedded in the submission portal above)
  • Copy of the Course Syllabus
  • All materials relevant to the case that they deem necessary to show an alleged violation took place.  These materials can include but are not limited to:
    • Safe Assign reports
    • Copies of documents the student is alleged to have used in their submission
    • Electronic monitoring reports that detect coding similarities (these must be submitted in PDF or HTML format)
    • Any video clips you refer to in your referral

If it appears a document referenced in your referral form is missing, our staff will contact you to ask if you plan to include it, but will not ask with regard to information you fail to reference or provide.  Students are entitled access to any materials that are being considered in their case.  Please note a failure to include all required material may result in your case being dismissed against the student.  If you are a student who is trying to submit a referral please coordinate your efforts with the faculty member for the course in question, who can submit a referral for the case. 


Sanctioning Guidance

The committee can make adjustments to suggested educational seminars, including adding ones that were not suggested by the professor, or removing ones that were suggested based on the nature of the case and the facts that led to the finding of responsibility.  Please note the committee is under no obligation to enact an educational seminar recommendation from the professor if they determine that the suggested seminar will not serve the designed educational purpose.

Educational seminars provided by the Office of Academic Integrity include the following:

  • Writing Center Visits: Writing Center visits include three visits to the Writing Center
    • The staff will use the first session to review the concepts of plagiarism in a general sense.
    • The second and third session will be used to review the paper/document that sparked the referral.
    • This sanction IS most appropriate when accompanied by a grade related sanction that involves the student rewriting the assignment with a grade reduction on the assignment or in the course.
    • This sanction IS also most appropriate if the student struggled with paraphrasing or citation.
    • This sanction IS NOT appropriate if a grade related sanction of course failure is recommended.
    • This sanction is NOT appropriate if a student submitted a paper submitted by another individual, or merely copied and pasted large chunks of other sources into a paper.
  • GMU Plagiarism Seminar: Online seminar available via Blackboard. It provides a primer on the general concepts around plagiarism, including citation and paraphrasing assistance.
    • This is self-paced and online. There is no fee to the student.
    • This sanction IS appropriate for a student who has copied and pasted large chunks of material into a document.
    • This sanction IS appropriate at any time, but particularly towards the end of the semester when the professor may want to suggest the Writing Center as an option, but the demand the Writing Center is under won’t allow the student to complete the sanction in time for a re-written assignment.
  • GMU Honor Code Module (formerly known as the GMU AI module): Online seminar available via Blackboard.  It is an introduction to the honor code and concepts of integrity at George Mason.  There is no cost to the student to complete this sanction.
    • This sanction IS most appropriate when a student is referred for cheating, lying, stealing, or in plagiarism cases where the student is submitting someone else’s full work as their own.
    • This sanction IS most appropriate when a student seems to fail to understand Mason's concepts of integrity.
  • Academic Integrity Seminar: This seminar is done at the student’s own pace and focuses on ethical decision making and values. It is the only educational seminar that has a fee associated with it ($100) that is payable directly to the vendor.  Students are given three months to complete the seminar due to the financial requirement.   The seminar has modified versions of the curriculum for students who may be non-native English speakers struggling with English.
    • This sanction IS most appropriate when a student is referred for cheating, lying, stealing, or in plagiarism cases where the student is submitting someone else’s full work as their own.
    • This sanction IS NOT appropriate if a student has already done the seminar for a previous violation as the core material does not change. This is not information you will have, but if it disappears off of the sanctions you receive back in the decision letter, the rationale should list the reason it was removed.
    • This sanction IS NOT appropriate for incidents involving poor paraphrasing or inadequate citation

Suspension or Permanent Dismissal from Mason may be assigned if a student has multiple violations of the honor code on their record, or if a first time offense is so egregious as to warrant institutional separation.  This sanction can be recommended by the professor, or it may be added to a sanction recommendation by the committee independent of the professor.  Institutional separation is used when other educational methods to correct a student’s behavior are not producing the desired result, or a case is so egregious that a determination is made that the student should not continue at Mason.