Distance learners


The Office for Academic Integrity oversees Mason’s student-based Honor Committee.  We appreciate the many similarities distance learners share with our “traditional” students, but we also understand some of the unique needs you may have.  OAI is dedicated to you, the distance learner, and is adapting to meet your needs.   On this website  you will find information on Academic Integrity, the honor code, resources to prevent honor code violations and many more educational items.  Please take time to review all the information found on this website.

We stress the need to periodically check your official Mason email account for information that the university has sent to you.  That account is the only way the University offices will communicate with you.  If you are charged with an Honor Code violation, you will be contacted only through your official Mason email account.  Please indicate that you are a distance learner when you call to set up your appointment.  We will use the phone and internet to communicate all you need to know, including sending you images of all materials in the case file.  Additionally, your case can usually be resolved without the need for you to visit the Fairfax campus.

We are eager to adapt our delivery of services to meet your needs.  Feel free to email us at oai@gmu.edu if you have suggestions on how we can improve the way we serve you.