Understanding the Consequences

In order to lend value to the degrees the institution confers, Mason takes instances of academic dishonesty very seriously.  While the faculty have the authority to recommend the academic and educational sanctions for Honor Code violations listed below, there can be additional consequences based on the College your program is housed in.  At the very least a disciplinary record is created whenever a student is found responsible for violating the honor code.

Typical academic sanctions include but are not limited to:

  1. A Grade Reduction on the assignment
  2. A rewrite of a paper with a grade reduction
  3. Zero on the assignment
  4. A grade reduction in the course
  5. F in the course
  6. Non-Academic Termination from Program (certain programs only-please consult with your Dean/Chair prior to recommending)
  7. One semester or year non academic suspension
  8. Permanent dismissal from the institution

Educational Sanctions can also be included. These sanctions may be:

1) Writing Center Visits (no more than three sessions)
2) Academic Integrity Seminar