The Mason Honor Code

 To promote a stronger sense of mutual responsibility, trust, and fairness among all members of the Mason community, and with the desire for greater academic and personal achievement, we, the student members of the university community, have set forth this honor code:

Student members of the George Mason University community pledge not to cheat, plagiarize, steal, or lie in matters related to academic work.

Mason’s Commitment: To create an environment that is innovative, diverse, entrepreneurial, and accessible-helping you avoid accidental or intentional violations of the Honor Code.

What does Mason mean when it uses the term academic integrity?

How does Mason define cheating, plagiarizing, stealing, and lying as it relates to academic work?

What are the potential consequences of violating the honor code?  Click here to find out.

What are ways faculty and students can work to prevent violations of the honor code?  Check here for information.

Looking for a full reading of the Honor Code and System? Click here to download the full document.